Patch v0.2

A new version of StreamINK is out! 

There have been a lot of changes in the app in the past few months and, the project that started as some fast prototyping/experiment has become larger than I ever imagined. 

StreamINK use

This new version includes a bunch of new functionality and improvements:

  • New Backend. Now the stories can be updated without installing a new client. How cool is that, uh?
  • New Main Menu. Now stories can be filtered by category and language
  • Added button to go back to the main menu
  • Stories can be bookmarked now and it will save the state of the story with all the advances.
  • Improved usability details like saving preferences and navigation flows
  • Added Analytics (YAY! Numbers and graphs!)
  • Added Tutorials in both Spanish and English
  • Added notification when a new version is released to keep the app updated
  • Minor bugs fixed

Special thanks to Adrián "rono" Moreno that has developed and implemented the backend. I appreciate all the help and the knowledge you shared with me.


StreamINK-Linux-v0-2.tar.gz 22 MB
Version 0.2 Feb 28, 2022 23 MB
Version 0.2 Feb 28, 2022

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