A tiny card game about building seven houses in a cozy little mountain.

Place four cards next to each other to build a house and then assign an owner. You'll get points based on the cards you used and what the owner likes.

The game will end after completing 7 houses.

Made for the first Astra Game Jam.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
AuthorsRothio Tome, Kate Killick, Ludipe
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
TagsCozy, Cute, Short


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66/58 Really nice little game!




Same! This Game is really cute, Hope they can do more about this game.


Lovely! Replayed it to get a higher score! Very simple and cozy!


60/58 good


Really pleasant game! Would love to see an option on end-game to view your village before retrying!


60/58, simple and "cool" game. I don't feel angry when I mess up, it's always ok to try again and aim for a better score, and it sure is great to see your results. 


64/58. Yay. This was fun. Nice and chill, yet strangely addicting.




this is so fun!! thank you for making it! i'm playing it over and over!


first try was 58. second was 62. This is so cute!


My best is 60/58 so far :D


Loved this type of game, I had to finish it before doing anything else, pretty  addictive



Hi :)

Is there a way to skip a card if we do not want it?

My best score is 50 after a few tries, I feel like I am missing something but it is a nice game 🥰🥰


Managed to get 65 on my first try, neat

Got 68 on my first try and saw it was the record of the comments lol. Cool, chill and original. Well done :D

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My best score is 66/58!

From what I have read in the comments, it seems to be the maximum. 

Is it actually possible to have more?


Pretty content with my 63 points ^^


63/58, great game👌


62 yayyy


Score: 64/58.


sixty-two points!!!!!!


Amazing game! Love the aesthetics, it's super enjoyable and challenging :D


Third try, 61 points - what a luck ;)

Game is great - simple, quick, cute, and yet not that easy as it might look like.

The art style is very cute! But the game is very luck based, and I felt like I had no control over the final two houses since I can't discard or trade cards. It's so tempting to play again because I'm always so close to winning!

This was fun experience, but I didn't realize there were 4 colors until a second play through. Trying to differentiate the colors did impact the game for me. Still it was a fun game.


I love this game! So cute :)


Really cool design!! It's giving club penguin~

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I love this game! 

You might want to think about color-blind players, though? And even those with poor monitor colors. If you're truly attached to the color scheme, adding a text label on-focus would go a long way for accessibility. 

I'm not colorblind, and telling the colors apart slows me down.

Also noted: flushes, like patterns with all the same color, are not rewarded. I got 4 doors of all colors = 4 points. That does make sense for the gameplay! Since we're building houses. But it's more difficult to draw 4-of-a-kind, so a heads-up would have been helpful.


Me ha gustado mucho, se hace muy agradable de jugar y en seguida se entiende lo que hay que hacer y dan ganas de seguir probando, felicidades!


My best is 61. Nice game!


Is your deck based on a standard 52-deck of playing cards?

Will you ever make this game downloadable?


my best score is 57 (out of 58, argh). I always miss doors!!

But, that's a pretty small funny game! Love it!